Welcome to the USS Jintachi

USS Jintachi

Welcome to the USS Jintachi, a powerful Diligent Class Starship, under the command of Commander James Valkyrie. The Year is 2380, two years after Admiral Janeway's heroic return from the Delta Quadrant. Admiral Janeway felt that the Federation should explore beyond the Alpha Quadrant, and so Starfleet built a new fleet. Among them, is the USS Jintachi.

The USS Jintachi is a new vessel, filled with the best techonology Starfleet has to offer. With the latest techonology, such as bio-neural gel-packs, and technology that Admiral Janeway brought back from the Delta Quadrant, this is a simm of adventures, surprises, and fun.

Here, on the USS Jintachi, we offer quality simming, writing and of course loads of fun. For people who like Startrek, and writing, come join us. To join the USS Jintachi, click here!

Best Wishes,

Commander James Valkyrie
Commanding Officer
USS Jintachi

Join us!

Do you like Star Trek? Do you like writing? Do you think you can blow us away with your amazing writing skills?

If so, come join the USS Jintachi! The USS Jintachi is a Play-By-SMS (Web) Sim that is situated in the Delta Quadrant. Our missions center around protecting the Federation, Exploring the Delta Quadrant, and gallivanting around the galaxy!

Come join us, and experience quality simming and writing! Our community is friendly, and full of helpful, kind simmers who are passionate writers!

We are part of Epsilon Force, a large community full of expressive writers! Epsilon Force is like no other fleet. We are filled with ships, people, and talent. We are successful because we work together, and we cherish each and every individual writer.

The USS Jintachi is a Diligent Class Vessel, filled with the most advanced and current technology Starfleet has to offer. Quantum Slipstream Drive, Rotating Torpedo Turrets, and even a Borg Assistant! The USS Jintachi is a ship of possibilities!

Apply now, because key positions are STILL available!

Positions include:

Chief Helmsman
Chief Tactical Officer
Chief Ops
Chief Intelligence
Chief Borg Assistant
Chief Engineer
Chief Quantum Slipstream
Marine CO
Marine XO

......and MORE!!!!

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